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New technology is needed in the
Time:2018-09-02 15:54
New technology is needed in the "aging" industry of machinery and machinery technology
A Chinese fir log passes through the inlet, and in a few moments, five or six sheets of wood of varying thickness are fed out of the outlet. It is considered to have the advantages of smooth feeding, fine processing, non-burning saw blades, high efficiency, low consumption, safety and environmental protection. "High-efficiency, high-precision and resource-saving wood sawing technology research and equipment research and development projects, after years of dedicated research and development of technicians, full of independent intellectual property rights of high-tech achievements.
One round-wood multi-blade saw can replace four traditional band saws, filling the blank of China's wood processing industry. The equipment adopts a new structure and a number of new technologies. After scientific and technological search by the relevant departments, it is the first one in China and its technical content has reached the international advanced level. In view of the characteristics of the southern fast-growing forest logs with a diameter of more than 20 cm, this equipment can be used to saw logs, semi-logs, square timber and so on. It is said to be efficient, high precision, because it can be a log sawing into a number of pre-adjusted specifications plate, high degree of automation. Because the thickness of saw blade used is 1.5-1.7 mm, compared with the general saw blade thickness of 2.5-3.0 mm, the loss of saw path is reduced by 46% compared with other saw blades. On the contrary, the rate of output is as high as 76% to 80%. The utilization rate of wood is increased by 27% compared with other kinds of saw blades, and the sawing process is stable. The surface is smooth, even and high, and it can also reduce the finishing process of a lumber surface.
At the same time, because the total power of the motor is smaller, the power consumption of the equipment will be reduced by 25% to 40%.
It is understood that the device has been put into mass production. Because the product is very close to the demand, the domestic and foreign market space is very large, and has good economic and social benefits.
The main features of the machine are as follows:
1. It is mainly used for the longitudinal sawing of small-diameter round wood. According to the pre-adjusted size, many pieces of board can be sawed out in one feed. It is widely used in the sawing and cutting process of small-diameter round wood in the front of cabinet board and finger-joint board factory.
2. Compared with the band saw, the band saw has the advantages of high processing efficiency, high precision, simple and convenient operation, low technical requirements for operators, and makes up for the shortcomings of low precision, low efficiency and high technical requirements of band saw.
3. the saw blade cooling device is not easy to burn saw blades, and prolongs the service life of the saw blades.
4. double row sharp chain feeding, maintenance simple economy.
5. the material outlet has an active distributor guiding device, which is not easy to clamp saw blades and improves the smoothness of feeding.
6. the headstock inlet and exit guide rail and the feeding guide rail use the manual lubrication pump to supply oil, thus prolonging the service life of the guide rail.

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