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Marketing of woodworking mac
Time:2018-09-02 15:54
Marketing of woodworking machinery dealers is the key to mastering the brand.
360 lines, the top spot in travel, all roads lead to Rome, but there are also many people in the process of competition rack their brains, without success. Let's count together what the key to mastering the woodworking machinery is.
When the dealer begins to choose the brand of the agent, the brand should be investigated comprehensively. Examining the strength of brand enterprises, examining the character of operators, examining the enterprise team of brands, examining the demands of brands and so on. It's easy to start and difficult to finish. This is the most important problem before dealers. Therefore, we should be cautious when signing the new agency contract.
Because many dealers were originally operators in the wholesale market, and once they did business, we must clearly realize that the heyday of the wholesale market is over. If we can't change our thinking in time, ignore the long-term interests, do not do network construction, do not do terminal maintenance, we will eventually be eliminated by the market.
The foreseeable result is that the management consciousness is more and more backward, the brand consciousness is gradually weakening, the scientific management of inventory, data, customer information is increasingly lacking, let alone the strategic planning of regional operation, and eventually will become a group of people who can not find a way out of business and are the first to eliminate.
Terminal operation has drawbacks
Without the ability to operate the brand and control the market, dealers are affected by the scale, strength, quality, management level, business awareness and other factors. They are unable to achieve the combination of integrated marketing, maximum advantage, cost minimization and other comprehensive strength.
Even if the national brand-name products in hand, also can not make the local consumer recognition, become a higher share of brand agents.
MINGXINHAO Woodworking Machinery Co, LTD
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MINGXINHAO Woodworking Machinery Co, LTD
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